ON NOVEMBER 14, 1979


“Why are men more comfortable with a symbol than the real thing?  Is it because a symbol bears less responsibility and can diminish the risk of error?  Is not a symbol so far less than reality that we cheat ourselves when we accept a symbol when we can enjoy the substance of reality?

A symbol can be dealt with in a lackadaisical, indifferent way, but when we face reality, we must face it with dignity, purity and truth.  This word ‘symbol’ seems to help man accept other men’s degenerated approach to reality.

When God gave, through His Church, the reality of His Sacrifice of Body and Blood, He did not intend It to ever be merely a symbol.  Man can hold a symbol in his hand, but he is definitely unworthy to hold God in his hand.

Men must stop diminishing Holy Communion.  Men in the Church, the clergy, should be willing to stand and hand Holy Communion to all who desire this Personal Love and Gift from God.

To walk in the service of God should be total commitment and dedication to uphold and treasure the Gift God gave to each of us, to partake physically in a Portion of Him, to give us strength in our Faith, encourage our purity, and help us to desire Sainthood.

Symbols are for human sight, relating to objects or things, denoting what they stand for.  Never does it mean that a symbol is reality.

Accepting things as symbols waters down our belief in how God works, and how God wants us to live.  If all I have believed in are symbols of facts and truths, then my Faith is empty; it is void of reality.”

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