ON NOVEMBER 14, 1979


“Faith is loosely spoken of and Faith is acted upon in a relaxed manner.  Faith should be held dear, it should be sheltered, for in many ways our Faith in God is our foundation for Sainthood.

If we are wise, we will accept our Faith as shelter.  God proved His Love for shelter when He gave us the Ten Commandments, Holy Mother Church, and All the Beautiful Visions of Our Blessed Mother, with Direction in Them for our welfare, our Souls, our whole life.

Shelter is important to man.  In the beginning of Holy Mother Church, shelter was used for The Holy Family at the Birth of Our Lord.  Shelter is necessary to human life, against the elements of the universe, against the dangers that lurk all around.  Shelter is important for the good of our health.  Shelter gives us privacy, encourages us to pray.  Shelter in many ways is our Gift of Faith, for in this shelter we are given the strength to fight the enemy of God and to work for Sainthood.

Faith is more than a Gift; it is truly a shelter against evil.  It would be a beautiful way to live if we always remembered to take shelter in our Faith in God, knowing that He is ever present, and ever willing to be the Shelter we need every day of our life.”

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