ON NOVEMBER 14, 1979


“How do you feel about patriotism?  Do you ever feel anything about it?  Do you ever connect patriotism to your Faith in God?  Do you see the value of patriotism in your life, for the good of your welfare, for the stability of your whole being?

Patriotism has a very definite part in the stability of our whole way of life.  True patriotism says we must be involved in the structure of our Government, in the actions of our Government, in the men of our Government.

Patriotism says love for our country, for its standards, its beliefs, its values, its traditions.  Patriotism says unity of human beings under the direction of a system that gives order to a way of life.

Patriotism often reflects man’s Faith in God.  Sound moral values, sound moral standards tend to make the Government under which we live, just, free, and most certainly, one to be proud of.

When there is failure or totally weak areas in our Government, it reflects back to the morals of man.  The morals that men project and live by have a definite effect on the morale of a country.  It can be recognized by a spattering of decay in certain facets of Government soundness.

It is up to people who have sound moral values and sound moral standards, who put God above all things, to stand up and be counted where issues in Government structure will affect the country, the people in it, and the future of it.

It is time that we Roman Catholics begin to look at Holy Mother Church and its governmental agencies.  It is time men take sound action in participation, so when they speak, they speak with knowledge, experience, concern, and sound values, for the results that must be evident.”

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