ON NOVEMBER 15, 1979


“What do you take for granted:  your life, your mind, your will, your Soul, your Faith, your interests, your knowledge?  Do you take it for granted that tomorrow will come?  Many times men take everything for granted, putting no effort forth to make situations, places or obligations important enough to emphasize each one’s particular role.

Men take God for granted.  Men take religion for granted.  Men take each other for granted.  It is time for each one making this Retreat to visualize and to concentrate on what effect taking things for granted has on each of their lives.  When we take for granted our Faith, we rob ourselves of the desire to grow in Faith, the stimulation that Faith can be to our whole being, the tranquillity and peace that Faith can give to other portions of our life.

When we take things for granted, we automatically diminish them into a pattern by diluting them to a point where there is no stimuli or encouragement in them.

Let’s take advantage of being alert to what taking everything for granted can rob us of.  Let’s begin now.  Rather than take things for granted, we should work at improving everything we are involved in and everything about us.

Some people say a new hat does wonders for them, some say a new pair of shoes, some say a coat of paint in the house, some say a new fad, some say taking a course in a school.  Others will swear by a new business venture.  Still others will find a vacation gives them what they need to take away the burden of life.

Taking things for granted creates a great burden.  Life becomes so repetitious, so uninteresting, that everything is taken for granted.  Stop it! It is time to see God in the degree He allows you to see Him.  It is time to exercise your Faith in Him with new fervor.  It is time to look at what you’ve been missing and take advantage of the opportunity to grow in purity.  It is time to not ignore the wonder of change, and see the value of developing a burning zeal to serve God.  All things begin in our mind first, then our will determines our action, and our actions are what create the fulfillment to obtain our goals.”

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