ON NOVEMBER 15, 1979


“Once again homosexuality has placed itself in the world in a position of openness and boldness.  Through History there have been many times when men and women felt that self-expression was allowable to them where their physical and mental acceptances followed an unnatural course of events.

At Sodom and Gomorrah, this was one of the major offenses against God.  It demonstrated more than humanism.  It provoked animalistic behavior and immoralities beyond the natural course.  It promoted using all forms of activity that demonstrated only perversion, indecency, and abnormal actions and behavior.

There is great disaster when such boldness is allowed, for in allowing it, it bespeaks approval.  Youngsters in the impressionable years of life are being victimized by the constant acceptance of homosexuals in every phase of life.  In truth, there have been too few men ready to speak out against such perversion, and too few men to stand up against the vileness of this way of life.  A weak attitude and an immature approach has been the only negative tactic used to try to eliminate this immorality in the world.

It is your duty to reject those who fall into this category of living.  It is also your responsibility to not condone their invasion of public office, for in public office we expect these people to uphold the dignity and morality of example for sound living, sound standards and sound values.  There is nothing sound about homosexuality.  When something is of good, there is no reason for it to spend many years cowering in secret places, hiding the fact from others.

Secrecy has much deceit, cunningness and cynicism in it.  Homosexuality, for years, has carried these characteristics.  We cannot allow it to be thought of as a natural way of life.  It is not.  It is sad, but there is more to it than just being a sad situation.  It corrupts the thinking, it destroys the Purpose for which man was born to the world, and it has so many immoral aspects to it that it causes degeneracy to those who follow it.  Also, where there are people who follow this path of life, there is never a healthy atmosphere or relationship.”

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