ON NOVEMBER 15, 1979


“Do you recognize it as pornographic, or do you take it for granted because of the enormous volumes of it that are on TV, in books, accepted by people you know, and perhaps people you are living with?  Do you sift from your daily way of life, loose conduct, suggestive pictures, intimacy exploited, crude manners, indecent plots to stories, risqué versions of daily living, improper requests which you are confronted with in your daily way of life?

Where do you draw the line in your actions or reactions to what is occurring around you?  Do you ask yourself how involved you are in any of these things?  How much do you condone?  How much have you accepted for yourself as normal for the time in which you live?  How much of this immorality will delay your entrance into Heaven, or even be the reason for you to go to Hell?  Don’t say you are not touched by all of this, because it has sifted into every area of life and you are definitely exposed to it in some one form or several.

It is time that all men begin to recognize that some men are thriving in luxury on the smut they are dishing out to not just the innocent, not just the naive, but the gullible.  Alert yourself to pornography, and be concerned with what you condone, what you take for granted, accept, as the norm for the time in which you live.”

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