ON JANUARY 2, 1980


“Men fear failure.  They do not always recognize real failure.  Most men define failure where success in the eyes of others is their standard for their decision.

Taking failures one by one, at the head of the list is man’s failure to obey God, man’s failure to respect all God has given him, man’s lack of concern for the Soul, man’s willfulness in pretending to love God, to recognize God, but defiant in sound moral values and sound moral standards.

Failure has many dimensions and is evident in man’s example that has been established as good and bad.  Failure touches the lives of a man’s family, his friends, his employer, his business associates.  Man’s ego does not permit man to see the degree of which he fails many things.

Success in the eyes of man can actually be a cover-up for a life of failure in many areas.  Failure is, many times, rejected through rationalization of events, situations, environment, poor luck.  Men seldom see their own phony actions and their own phony, foolish involvements.  Men never evaluate success in its finest measure, nor does man measure failure in all the aspects it shows up in.

As of today, look at the soundness of your thoughts, the integrity of your actions, the dignity in your example to every one you meet, you know, you love.  Tally at night, in a constructive criticism, whether that day has been a success or a failure.”

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