ON JANUARY 2, 1980


“Man’s will is recognized as very important and is respected in a depth men sometimes forget shows the strength of the will and its effect upon other men.  Remember, this will of man’s that is many times taken for granted, taken lightly, is the final word when man makes out his ‘Last Will and Testament’.  It holds up in courts of law.  It holds fast in decisions.  It is respected.

In life, men very often forget the impact their will has on their relationship with other men, on their decisions in moral obligations, defending or offending important situations.  Look at your will.  Are there blemishes in it, are there cavities in it, wherein you fall into immoral factions, creating decay, impurities and weakness through example?

Remember, your will forms your way of life, your actions of life, the goals you set and attain in life.  Your will is your motion, your intention, your results.  Your will has a final say even when you are no longer alive to defend it.  A wise man does not just reflect on These Words, but absorbs Them and takes actions to never abuse Them.”

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