ON JANUARY 7, 1980


“When something is false, it bears in its entirety, instability, hurt, neglect, unimportance, indifference, and a lack of strength.  Satan is the great falsifier.  He pretends to hand to man luxury, possession, status, superior qualities, when, in reality, what he hands are only false standards of what is sound, good, morally valuable.

In this time that you live upon the earth, there is much false obedience in Holy Mother Church.  The foundation and structure, stabilized by men of great strength, now teeters on the lame excuse of false obedience.

Needless to say, in the past centuries there have been men of little integrity that have stood in positions of authority in Holy Mother Church, but the strength in those who had the Faith to persevere, and to indulge themselves in service to God, forced into practice many sound, logical rules that at least made men think twice as to the purpose, the reason, the intent, that they were acting in, with and for.

There have been no perfect years that all men walked as Christ walked, thought as Christ thought, taught as Christ taught, but The Commandments kept men looking to The Rules that were necessary for men to follow the Ten Commandments.

The stability that was taught regarding Holy Mother Church gave hope to all men, strength through the stability that men showed for their feelings for Holy Mother Church, for the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, for the openness against immorality.”

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