ON JANUARY 8, 1980


“All through time the world has been occupied by men who felt a deep need and responsibility to act solely with God in mind for the direction of Souls.  These men were not all openly acknowledged for their effort or for their success in strengthening the Faith of the faithful, but the results of their fervor and their perseverance most certainly left a very strong impact, giving others the strength to carry on because of what they had been given by their predecessors.

The Beauty of the Ten Commandments is in the reality that God touched on all facets and phases of human life, not omitting one insignificant area of man’s mind and body.

Sound moral thinking men have most definitely used These Commands as their foundation for their Faith.  All of our Christian Doctrine is based on the Ten Commandments, and of course, the establishment of Holy Mother Church.  This Church gave to mankind what nothing else could have, and that is, along with The Rules of Direction and Commands, we have been given an orderly system of direction to not just follow, but to substantiate our Faith in every area and to give our Faith personal communion with God, which always has a healing effect on our mind and our body, with purity for our Soul.”

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