ON JANUARY 8, 1980


“I am neat.  I am adolescent.

I am practical.  I am manly.

I am sound of mind, I am superior.
body and Soul.

I am knowledgeable.  I am immature.

I am moral.  I am forgetful.

I am moody.  I am egotistical.

I am pleasant.  I am mannerly.

I am dependable.  I am sociable.

I am forceful.  I am quiet.

I am kind.  I am talkative.

I am obedient.  I am immoral.

I am wise.  I am weak.

I am sinful.  I am sickly.

I am handsome.  I am healthy.

I am blind.  I am careless.

I am heavy.  I am a spendthrift.

I am thin.  I am logical.

My reflection is what men see.  My reflection is what men determine decisions about, for me.  My reflection says to me many things.  My reflection verifies who I am, what I look like, what care I have taken of myself, how I feel.  My reflection is what I have to go on, what I have to depend upon for how others see me.  In looking at my reflection, I am sometimes pleased, sometimes displeased.

My reflection is different than what my body is example of, example in, through my thoughts, my words and my actions.  My reflection is easier to live with, but my body carries my will, and this is the part of me that reveals to me what I am doing, where I am going, what I must be accountable for to my Divine Holy King.  My reflection answers to no one but me, but I have to answer to God for everything.

When I look at my sins, my reflection may not show them, but my attitude, my personality, my nature knows them.  When I am disobedient to God, my physical, my mind and my Soul responds in ways indefinable by me.

I am a human being.  I am the custodian of a Spirit.  I have a reflection.  I am known also to walk with a shadow, a facsimile of me.  I speak with a will.  I think with my mind.  I have emotions.  I am truly a complicated human being.

I must always remember that with all I am, I am a child to my Master, to my King.  In my frivolous moments, in my anxious times, in my vocation of life, I do many things.  When I take a good look at what I truly reveal, I find that my reflection has many things about me that it conceals.  I remember, when I look in the mirror, that I see what I want, and I see only what my physical figure reveals in the glass, and that is what other men see.  I must also remember that the reflection of me lacks the example I am to all mankind that I am responsible for hereafter, to God, my Creator, my Master, my King.”

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