ON JANUARY 8, 1980


“The world at this time can be tagged as a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Immorality is not just evident, but is accepted by the major portion of people throughout the world.

Immorality wears many hats, many disguises, and involves many cultures and vocations of life.  Satan has a way of stressing that immorality bears a normalcy for human beings.  In diminishing the Goal God has set for human life, obvious through the Ten Commandments He gave for man to obey, His enemy, and man’s enemy, waters down the necessity for man to think in terms of a pure state of life that is so necessary to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Men walk into the briar patches eagerly.  Men refuse to not be a part of impure actions against the mind, the body and the Soul.  Men justify immorality by stating that what they are accepting, what they are involved in, and what they are providing for other men to partake in, is justified and socially acceptable because of human desire, human weakness and human need.

In Sodom and Gomorrah, men lowered themselves to the practice of animal life, omitting the fact that God created man to His Image and Likeness, and provided men with a Special Gift, the Soul.  In conjunction with this Soul, man was given an intellect that would be used with the freedom of an individual will to make decisions, and to grow spiritually for the greater Honor and Glory of the Soul.

Pornography, abortion, homosexuality are but titles to the actual carrying out the practice and actions of these vile actions against God.  As in Sodom and Gomorrah, men now abuse the human body in impurities that most certainly affect the mind.

Sin begins with a thought, is carried through by the will.  Men play games according to their mood, their degree of Faith in God, and their justification of what encourages them to act, react or accept, as their formula, their standards or their values of life.”

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