ON JANUARY 8, 1980


“God is the Mystery in all things.  God is Three Persons in One.  God is the Final Judge for all mankind.

We are made to God’s Image and Likeness.  Bible History speaks words of direction, giving through time, what other men were told, in how we should reach for perfection.

God is a Mystery.  He gave us Faith in Him.  God is All Purity.  We must become pure to spend Eternity with Him.  All these things, though they surround a mystery, we accept with total love, in total Faith, never questioning Him.

If we were to see, written before our eyes, ‘Man created the universe; man is in control of all things,’ we would instinctively know these words were false, for our intelligence tells us, our logic clarifies it, that no man has the power to create a world, no man has the power to make all things pure; that each man stands in the world dependent upon the Power of God, having Faith in the Mystery of Him, with no power of man’s own except the power of his will, knowing that this power is limited to the degree of the intellect, and to the degree that God Himself allowed man to be involved with other men.

God is a Mystery.  We must thank God for this, for in the mystery of our Faith, we instinctively know God loves us.”

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