ON JANUARY 11, 1980


“I am scared.  I am frightened.  I am worried.  I can’t help it.  I can’t face it.  It’s too much.  I can’t figure it out.  It is impossible for me to comprehend.  There are too many people involved.  This is not always a healthy fear but negativeness.

How many times have you leaned upon a negative position and disposition?  How many times have you allowed no hope to enter your conversation, your relationship, your environment?

Negativism cannot win a great war, nor can negativism correct fear, anxiety, hurt, hopelessness.  A positive attitude, giving purpose, is very necessary for a healthy way of life.

Men have written many books on every area of life, everything man could be involved with, every part of the physical, every portion of the mental that they are aware of, and of course, the Spiritual has been delved into, elaborated upon, and exercised to a great length with opinion, interpretation, translation, and personal claim to having special gifts in this area.

Sometimes men fall into a trap of despair, despondency, and find delight in this because they do not have to accept the responsibility of initiative, motivation, or become involved in life.  What causes this no man truly knows.  They can assume and presume and speculate that they have the solution to correct the situation.

Don’t you be negative.  Be knowledgeable so you can be confident, and find fulfillment in your life.”

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