ON JANUARY 11, 1980


“Many times, when a person commits sin, they rationalize the act or actions, analyze the situation and evaluate its impact; also, they justify it according to their whim, their will, or their degree of moral values and moral standards.

Sin is against God.  Sinfulness, if it is a habit, is strictly the tool of the devil.  To sin, whether it be considered a venial or mortal sin in the determination of man’s thinking, is a major offense against the Will of God.  God is All Purity.  His Mercy is Purity; His Justice, Pure; His Love, Pure.  Any act or action that would displease Him would logically say it had impurity in it.

So few men in our time of life want to admit their lack of concern for their actions, their example, their involvements, their moral views, values and standards.  Fashionable involvements make men think that they are participating in what is expected of them.  There are many degrees of fashionable clothing, social involvements that are indecent and are attached to a sophisticated way of life.

So many times men want to be included, to be accepted, to be part of the action, because they do not have the strength to stand up and be counted for what they believe in; so, they are joiners and they are followers, and even though they know a situation or a particular place that they are invited to is wrong for their Soul, they do not have the courage of conviction to say it is not for them.  In reality, it should not have taken courage to face a decision of this kind, but practice makes this a normal thing, and so few men practice rejecting temptation.

When you are wrong, don’t blame it on society or your environment.  You have a will, you have the power of decision, you are the custodian of what is right for you and what is wrong for you.  You are the decision maker, and you are the one who will stand before God, accountable for your thinking, your actions, your determinations, and the results of everything you have participated in, in your lifetime.

A wise man looks at things with clarity and honesty.  A Retreat is a good time to examine one’s conscience, one’s habits, one’s moods, one’s companions.”

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