ON JANUARY 14, 1980


“Stubbornness has a weakness in it, never builds a bridge, never was the foundation for a Saint.  Stubbornness bears inflexibility, but radiates ego and self-love.  Stubbornness, in any situation, if it is totally stubbornness, defeats the purpose and encourages only antagonism because of its inflexibility and its lack of strength.

Men confuse stubbornness with a strong will.  Men many times act in stubbornness because they are inadequate and do not know the details in what they are asked to do, in what they are involved in or what is entailed in the decision to be made, so they act in stubbornness to prove their own theory.  Stubbornness can breed contempt, stubbornness can create havoc in family affairs, business and friendships.  Stubbornness lacks humility.”

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