ON JANUARY 14, 1980


“Man says, ‘I love you.’ He means he cares more for you than he cares for other human beings, or he cares in a special way for you.  The results of his love, the proof of his love, is seen only in his actions, his charity, his loyalty.

Love is a very varied thing.  Love can be spoken of, but if there is no action with it, it is a sterile love and could bear all the earmarks of self-love.

Love walks hand in hand with respect, consideration, attentiveness, interest and charity.  Many times people shout, ‘Love thy neighbor.’ What they really mean is to be charitable to your neighbor over and above what you would ordinarily be.

Love is a result of closeness to a human being, interest in a particular human being or project or talent or vocation.  People speak of love as a foundation rather than a result of association, communication.

Love, in some instances, has emotion in it.  In other instances, it is totally understanding, calm, bespeaks humility, and has concern.  Love without action can claim no specific advantage.  Love must be active and sometimes even demonstrative, to show itself, to declare itself.

Love thy neighbor means you are willing to be charitable within sound moral values and sound moral standards.  Men overwork the term ‘love thy neighbor’ and think of it only as an outward expression of friendship, relationship, and sometimes even false liking.

Be sure that when you express love in any form, to any degree, in any manner, under any circumstances, there is sound balance to your actions, sound balance to your motive, and your goal has sincerity, integrity and purity in it.”

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