“How do you express your Faith in God, first to God, then to those with whom you live, then to those with whom you work, then to those with whom you spend social times of life?

In what way do you confirm your belief?  In what manner are you example of this Faith?  What requirements do you demand of yourself to show to what degree your Faith is in God?  Is your Faith shown by your charity?

Charity is many times talked about, requested, and used to gather funds, favors and attention.  God Himself is the Greatest Dispenser of Charity and the Greatest Example of it.  His Charity is boundless, limitless, and encompasses the whole universe, and most certainly all living things.

God’s Balance is charity to man, the balance in the environment men live in, showing His Care for man’s mental and physical welfare, along with the Spiritual welfare of the Soul.

In looking at God’s Charity to man, for man, the human structure of man is not just a delicate design of life, but the chemistry of man is unique, the productivity of man has the Wisdom of God in it, and the Purpose for which man exists bears a Great Act of Charity from God.

Men should constantly remind themselves to use charity in their actions, in their thoughts, in their deeds, and in their Spiritual Faith, because charity has hope in it, and hope radiates from it.  Charity should be looked at as a necessity in life, as a necessary part of life, as a great influence for life, and as a means to a life of fulfillment.”

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