“What if you could call God on the telephone?  First of all, could you afford the call?  It would be long-distance.  What if you had to wait for Him to talk to everyone else before He took your call?  What would your thoughts be while you were waiting on the line?  The first one would most likely be, ‘I can’t afford this call.’ The next one would be, ‘I hope I have enough time to say all I want to say.’ The next one would be, ‘I wonder what He will say to me; I wonder if I’ll get the answer I want.’

Isn’t it wonderful, you don’t have to wait for a line.  You don’t have to worry about how much it will cost.  All you have to do is say it quietly, or loudly, or even in your mind.  You don’t have to wait for the rest of the world to finish speaking; you have a direct line all by yourself, your own private line to Him.

Now what is your excuse for not praying, not talking to Him?  The line is open, the way is clear, He waits for you to call His Name, and His Answer will always be for the good of your Soul, for This is the Part of you He waits for you to return to Him.  Never does He ignore your mental and your physical, for He created them, and through these means, He depends upon your ‘will’ to show the direction for your Soul.”

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