“Lent is a time to promote a new beginning, and this beginning should be based on your decision to cultivate more ways to honor God, and to show God that you believe in Him, that your Faith in Him urges you to work in a dedicated way to return your Soul to Him.

No human being can live forever.  No human being could stand to live forever.  No human being is without a certain amount of Faith.  When a man says he does not believe in God, and he acts prideful in this statement, though it is distasteful to hear him, and sad to think he has the nerve to say these words, there is always the element of doubt that he truly believes this, because no one could be this illogical and breathe the air of life.  Perhaps there is a touch of humor in such an asinine remark from any man, but there is pity also, in such a lack of love for God.

Ask yourself:  do you, in any way, make this ridiculous remark through your actions, if not through your words; through your example, through your moral or immoral views or standards?

Human existence has dignity, value, importance, logic, and a certain amount of certainty about it.  Human beings instinctively know that there is a Goal for them, there is direction for them, there is knowledge for them, and there can be fulfillment mentally, physically and spiritually.

Every human being, every day, should say: ‘I did not create me, I came from God.  He is my Judge, I am His child.  I must go to Him and see what He wants of me.  My Faith is not enough to sustain me, but my reasoning says He will sustain me.  My Faith is sometimes mixed with emotion, fear.  When this happens, I must show Him that I lean upon nothing but Him.’”

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