“A characteristic, a trait, if it is selfish in motive, selfish in display, selfish in action, selfish in determination, selfish in purpose, has in its very existence, disaster.

Many times men walk in total ego, feeling a false strength, displaying ego in their personality, their moods, their temper, and in their lack of understanding, radiating dependence rather than independence.

Ego tends to create and cause, even infect, homes, schools, companies, organizations, with an improper set of standards that manufacture an inability to move, to progress, to reach a gratifying fulfillment for any of these areas.  It can be compared to a bad apple in the center of a barrel of apples; when it is not removed, it damages all the apples.

So few people talk or discuss or even recognize what ego does when it is the controlling factor for an individual in their association with other people.

Lent would be a good time to promise God that all parts of one’s own life that lead to ego will be worked upon and worked at, in changing this stressful mode of life into a life of offering to God acts of charity to replace the ego habit.  It will not be easy nor will it be consistent.  It will take motion, effort, and of course, much prayer.

As Lent is a time of stripping, it would be wise to strip what is most harmful to the Soul.”

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