ON FEBRUARY 11, 1980


“People are constantly making excuses for themselves and for other people, justifying wickedness, weakness, errors, infidelity, impurity, indecency, immodesty, indifference to refinement.

Excuses are the greatest weakeners of human nature, because excuses do not absolve the wrong, but portray the wrong in a manner that justifies covering up the reality of what has happened, ignoring the responsibility that should be seen and acted upon.

Excuse does not relieve responsibility.  It shades it, it causes shadows around it, and in its own way, excuse diminishes the importance of sound fact, sound logic, responsibility.

The world is full of excuses.  Men lean on excuses because they are too weak to face the dignity, the integrity, that makes an act, a commitment or an agreement, one that is a credit to be involved in.

So many people demonstrate great enthusiasm for making excuses rather than correcting the fault, the weakness.  It is time, during Lent, that every human being in the world stop making excuses for themselves and for others, and face the absolute reality of one day facing God. This we can be sure of: God will not accept excuses for impurities, indecencies.  He will see the excuses for what they are, JUST EXCUSES.”

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