ON FEBRUARY 11, 1980


“Because God created the universe, all things are in perfect balance, held together by His Power and only His Power.

Because man was created by God, man’s physical is a work of art, and its procreation continues to be as God first created it.  Each part of man’s physical has a specific worth and special purpose.

Because God gave man the Ten Commandments, They have lasted three thousand years in a form so understandable and logical that man has based the ‘laws of man’ on Them.

Because God established and instituted Holy Mother Church in a fullness that cannot be destroyed by men, we can be absolutely sure that only God has the power to take It from us.

Because it was God The Son Who was the ‘Sacrifice’ in ‘The Way of the Cross’, Its memory and worth has remained two thousand years to remind us that we must take the time to re-evaluate our direction, our purpose, our future.

Because God gave to the world The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, revealing Direction in ‘how to become a Saint’, plus ‘prophecy’, it is only logical to know that such a Magnificent Gift will be in the mind and hearts of men for all time, such as the Ten Commandments, and Holy Mother Church.

Because God Is God and He is The Ultimate Dispenser of Hope, Love, Mercy and Justice, plus The Controller of All Things, we, as human beings, must depend upon Him, and respect, through our obedience to the Ten Commandments, all He has given us.”

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