ON FEBRUARY 14, 1980


“There are many traps where pornography is concerned.  The traps are not obvious until it is too late.  They can be considered briar patches of curiosity, or carelessness in moral standards and values.

Pornography is available in many types, areas, forms and degrees.  Whether it is hard pornography or the suggestion of it, it bears diabolical pursuit to draw man from decency into indecency.

Pornography touches all ages.  No age is exempt.  Those who deal in pornography use it for their own monetary measures or to control other people, or because it is a way of life that they feel comfortable with because they do not have to reach for sound standards, sound values, or take sound moral stands.

Pornography is more world spread than people realize.  It is in all classes of people and it infiltrates all vocations where people are vulnerable to such interests.  Pornography covers a multitude of things, such as pictures, written material, immoral actions in social gatherings, promiscuous neighborhood get-togethers, permissiveness in businesses and government, false religious cults using a facade to cover the perversion within, and in many other areas that do not just invade man’s privacy, but encourage this indecent, undignified, immoral approach to living.

Many areas of education are infiltrated with sick human beings who dwell on indecency, impurity, immorality, using innocent victims for their advantage.

This Lent, open your eyes to what is occurring around you.  Ignoring pornography is one way to not partake in it, but when it is allowed such a free reign on book shelves, on television, in the theater, and in neighborhoods, those who allow it must account to God for it.

Sodom and Gomorrah were full of pornography, branding man’s mind and senses, putting spirituality into a totally paganistic market, and in all things, dragging men down to a level below an animal’s level.  The time in which we live is likened to that time where people ran amuck in muck, making all portions and areas of life impure and vile against God.

It is time that prayer be used as the basis against pornography, and then to be sure, to not allow it in any area of one’s own life.”

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