ON MARCH 19, 1980


“If someone asks you what religion you are, you would probably say ‘Catholic’.  This answer would be far from the whole truth.  There are many religions that call themselves ‘Catholic’.

In reality, there is more to religion than just saying you belong to a given religion.  The denomination is of the utmost importance.  Religion involves one’s Faith, one’s beliefs, one’s concept of life, one’s moral standards, one’s moral values, one’s responsibilities, one’s obligations, one’s objectives, one’s fundamentals, one’s acceptance of private and public issues, the Purpose for human life, and one’s Ultimate Goal for this life.

A particular religion gives a particular direction and substance to one’s Spiritual direction and beliefs.  Religion is a major portion of our life, for our religious beliefs give us the moral values, moral standards by which we live, in how we act, how we think, and what example we project.

Religion is a necessary part of our whole existence.  Religion gives us a format for dealing with God’s Commandments first, and then our practice in how we will worship God, in what manner, to what degree, for what purpose, to reach a Goal of Ultimate Value when our body no longer breathes the air of the world.

Religion is not just a subject but a way of life.  We must first see it as a Roman Catholic, based on being a Christian in belief, in actions, in speech and in example.  The Teacher of this Great Gift of Christianity was God Himself, through a Portion of Himself, a Son Whom we call ‘Christ’.  Through this Great Gift from God, He displayed, confirmed and showed His Example to us in His Love for the family unit that He gave mankind from the very beginning.

His Love for mankind passed through a Son; also, through The Mother of this Son, Divine in Origin, showing the magnitude of Motherhood with the beauty He intended motherhood to be; plus, the Provider and the Protector, the Father, Divine in Origin, the Husband, showing to the world His Love for mankind radiated in a personal way, so that man would never forget the Example He set forth for all time.

Christianity began with God.  Christianity can only end with God.  The greatest enemy to Christianity and of Christianity is the enemy of God, the enemy of man, Lucifer.  Men now are shouting ‘Christianity’, putting the emphasis on generosity, on friendship, on emotionalism, on intimacy, on egoism, on self-pride, on self-delusion, on self-power.  This is not Christianity.  This is diabolical in scheme, method, reason, purpose and goal.

The solemnity of ceremony that carries instruction, teaching, direction, based totally on what Christ taught, is expressing pure charity, obedience to the Ten Commandments, and individuals using their own will to follow truth, logic, wisdom, that carries only sound moral values and sound moral standards for the Goal of Sainthood.”

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