ON MARCH 20, 1980


“I know there is a God.  How do I honor Him?

I know He exists.  What do I do about Him?

I know He created all things.  How do I give Him thanks for this?

I know that the Purpose of my life is to return to Him.  What am I doing about this?

I know, through my will, I should grow in purity for Him.  What progress have I made on this?

I know that The Rules He left, through a man such as me, are The Rules I must obey totally.

I recognize His Teachings, passed down through time, as coming from Him, for in each of Them I see the value of Love from The Divine.

I know there is a God.  How do I know this?  Who else could have created me?  Who else could have shown me that the physical life is but a step into being with Him for All Eternity?  This knowledge could not have come from man, for the knowledge bears Wisdom from a Higher Plan.

As I stand as a human being, I am gifted in so many ways.  I have a will to make my decisions.  I have a mind to direct my will.  Who else could have loved mankind so much, to add to each man a Soul?

I know there is a God.  If not, there would be nothing to life.  Now I must think about what I will do about my will, in giving Him thanks, and seeing the beauty of returning to Him my Soul.  So be it.”

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