ON MARCH 22, 1980


“I’m scared, God.  How many times have you said this?  How many times have you wanted to say it out loud?  How many times have you felt the need to say it?  How many times has it alerted you to your dependence upon God?  How many times do you think others say it?  How many times do you think even atheists say it?  for no man can truly be totally dependent upon himself, or other people, or just other things.

Innately, man knows there is a God.  Today, when you begin to think about these three words, ‘I’m scared, God,’ remember to use these three words in totally a child’s call to his Heavenly Father, with the assurance that God does hear His Name any time you call It, any time of day or night.  You must also remember, how you say It is important to Him, for when it is a cry in fear, a cry in want or a cry in love, He understands it in a degree and in a way beyond what you can say.

Never be afraid to say, ‘I’m scared, God,’ for in His Love for each of us, in His Desire for us to return to Him, He answers immediately.  Be assured, when He answers to the call, ‘I’m scared, God,’ He answers in a way that is best for us all.”

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