ON MARCH 24, 1980


“We refer to Holy Week, remembering how Our Lord sacrificed all for us, teaching us the beauty of obedience to God The Father, alerting us to repentance for our sins, and showing us that the ultimate sacrifice of life has great reward in it.

Holy Week teaches us the Love of God for all mankind.  Holy Week also reminds us of the importance of why Holy Mother Church was established and how It was instituted, and Who the True Tabernacle in Holy Mother Church is.

Holy Week also renews our love for God, the whole concept of what God means to us, and what we mean to God.  How we should respond to His Love should not be just reflected upon one week of the year, but it should be in our daily examination of conscience.

Holy Week is special, and God, in His Perfect Love for us, wants each of us to strive for Sainthood, and in this perseverance, He wants us to become so aware of His Will that we make a personal commitment to Him of our time, our vocations, our abilities, our talents, our love.

Is it truly only one week a year?  Should not we see each week of our life as a week dedicated to responding to God’s Love for us?

Holiness is God’s Will for us.  Holiness is Sainthood.  Holiness should be in our mind, in all we do, all we think, all we pray for.  Holiness is not impossible for each of us.

Should not every week be a ‘Holy Week’ to us?

True, these words remind us of a specific time when Our Lord suffered, died, and was risen just for us, but should not we always be aware of this ‘Ultimate Gift of Love’?

Our Holy Mass is a constant reminder, and in its very essence reiterates God’s Sacrifice for us.  So then, why do we not make every week a ‘Holy Week’, using what we have to perfect what we are so we will become Saints?”

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