ON MARCH 24, 1980


“Stop taking Holy Communion for granted.  One of the greatest offenses against God in our time is occurring daily in Holy Mother Church.

Men are ignoring the Magnitude of this Great Sacrament.  It is diabolical, the manner in which this Great Gift from God is being dishonored, disrespected and mishandled.  It is a scurrilous attack on God when men and women frivolously approach this Great Sacrament of Love not spiritually prepared, and not dressed properly, along with the boldness in humanizing This Sacrament by handling It in a manner that can be related only to common food.

It is not just a lackadaisical attitude, but in all reality and in all appearances, the boldness is even more than boldness can be; it is hypocrisy.

This Sacrament has been diminished to a mere material association, and a mere human form of an expression of faith, taking out the Fact of Faith and diminishing this into a vile, contemptuous motion, with a mockery in it that shows only lucifer’s contempt.

The Respect and Honor due to the Sacrament of Holy Communion must be once again strengthened and understood as it being the pure acceptance of The Body and Blood of Christ Himself, and all men should begin to not just reflect, not just consider, but take action to return to the Honor and the Respect that is so necessary toward this Great Sacrament.

The Tabernacle is the Core of Holy Mother Church.  The Tabernacle is the Life Giving Container for this Great Sacrament.  Men must begin to stop treating The Tabernacle as a bread box, and put The Tabernacle in the highest, most important place in Holy Mother Church.  It is The Container, The Receptacle of God Himself.

Men must also remember, God does not need man; man needs God.  All the foolishness that men are involved in, diminishing The Tabernacle, plus the sacrilegious abuse to the Sacrament of Holy Communion, must cease immediately.  The obscene manner that men are permitting to The Tabernacle and The Holy Eucharist is a diabolical plan, using men to carry it through, and showing how little Faith in God the men in the Church truly have for This, the Greatest Sign of Pure Faith in God.  This should be the one area of Holy Mother Church that all priests would have fought to keep in the Greatest Place of Honor visible to mankind.

Someone, somewhere, soon, must make the men in Holy Mother Church see the horror of their actions and wake them up to their faithlessness.  It is better to have no leader than one who is too weak to uphold the Honor, the Dignity and the Hope that God intended for this One True Church.

The Cardinals, the Bishops, the Priests in America have allowed the Roman Catholic Church to fall into the category of protestantism, allowing false healers to practice on the Altar, in the Sanctuary, permitting the faithful to be scandalized by this false type of supposedly human power, diminishing the Greatness of this One True Church that God Himself established, left Himself in for all time; plus, of course, the institution of the Priesthood.  Such diabolical human behavior in God’s Church is a grave sin against the First Commandment, and must be seen as this.  God and God alone has the power to heal mankind, and anything or anyone who permits this type of behavior in Holy Mother Church must realize that God’s Wrath will have to show because of the sacrilegious abuse taking place.

The Teachings of Christ, the Purpose to the Teachings, the Intent in the Teachings, was to give mankind the proper procedure and the direction in how man could return his Soul to God for All Eternity.  The emphasis in Our Lord’s time was on purity, the necessity of it, the purpose for it, the beauty that purity could give man’s Soul.  No longer is this taught.  Now the Teachings have been disrupted, making all things dependent upon man’s conscience rather than on man’s will, his line of decision, choosing right from wrong, good from evil.

Man’s conscience can be affected by man’s selfishness, self-importance, unsound moral values, unsound moral standards.  Conscience is not always a true evaluation of circumstances or actions.  Conscience can be swayed and almost rangy in its definition.  Sometimes man’s lack of honor can influence his conscience.

Faith in God has been replaced with faith in man.  Faith in Holy Mother Church has been replaced with faith directed to a ‘one world church’, omitting the Church that God established and instituted for the fulfillment of man’s Soul.

So much of man’s innocent Faith in God has been attacked by men who have no Faith in God, only faith in the institution of the administration of finances and government for this One True Church.  Rather than insult the faithful, these men should be on their knees asking for more strength to guide mankind to having more Faith in God.

It is so easy to not fight back, because it takes strength to fight the men who are tearing down the structure of Holy Mother Church.  They belong to an institution which they lean upon, against the faithful who ask questions.  They do not have the answers that are honest, truthful, sincere, and in keeping with God’s Way of doing things, so they retaliate with nasty remarks, insincere and abusive impoliteness.

If Holy Mother Church were not the One True Church, satan would never have taken the time to attack it.  The very fact, the very evidence that there is so much discord, so much unhappiness, so much a lack of unity amongst the clergy with the faithful, is solid proof that a great disaster has taken place, and of course, at the bottom of this is lucifer.

Get out, satan!

Wake up, faithful!

It is necessary to see what’s happening, and then make solid conclusions as to how to correct it, finally solve this horrible situation and put all things back where God intended them to be.  Today is as good a time as any to begin with the solution.  Let this solution begin within each of us, for this is where it will have to begin in order for the unity to grow from.  With God on our side, with God directing us, we cannot fail.”

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