ON MARCH 25, 1980


“What would you do if time lapsed back two thousand years and you were confronted with the Crucifixion?  Before the Crucifixion you had attended the Teachings of Our Lord.  The time is one of great terror, barbarism, chaos, injustice, turmoil, and men seeking power over each other.  You are present when Judas kisses Christ.  You instinctively see the evil happening.  It is innate in you to rebel against such evil.  Your beliefs tell you that this Man is Just, and they are treating Him like a great criminal.

Ask yourself:  What will your actions be?  Which side will you take?  What will you do on His behalf?  Or, will you stand by in terror for yourself, knowing that He cannot live under these horrible blows?  Will you be appalled at the blasphemies, the indecencies they do to Him?  Will you ask yourself how much a part you are of this, even if you are not condoning it?

His innocence radiates from Him.  He has obviously done no harm to any man.  He says nothing, but is a pitiful sight.  He looks into your eyes and announces to you that He is leaving a Great Gift for you, for all time.  He speaks to another along the way and He says: ‘Though I die, I will live forever.  Though I am treated like a wild animal, My Purpose is to give Hope and Life for all men hereafter.’ His Words are said with a clarity and a distinctness.  His Eyes are burdened with pain.

He says to another along the road, ‘Teach all men My Way, My Will, so they, too, will find Eternal Life as The Father intends.’

And, to another one He says very plainly, to be sure that at no time in the world should man not ponder, not reflect on this time that, ‘I give to man Life Everlasting.’

He says to another along the road, ‘This time will be indelibly marked in History, for I have walked the physical role.’

And then further along the way, He mentions audibly, ‘I have passed this way to gather Souls.’

As He hung upon the wooden Cross, men tried to ignore the Greatness they knew He was, but with His Blood, with His Purity, each heart and mind were indelibly instilled with His Importance, with His Greatness, with the True Purpose for this Role.

The enemy of God, for two thousand years, has worked hard to diminish this Role.  The only way he could accomplish a portion of his goal was to use men’s weaknesses, men’s selfishness, men’s self-love, self-importance, causing men to diminish what God had given to the world.

Returning to this time of life, and the time in which we live, nothing can erase that time in History God gave the ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ for men to truly live.  The enemy of God and man, determined to diminish the Importance of God’s Love for man, encourages man to modernize, update, and put all aspects of human nature into a totally humanistic value, omitting God’s Love for the Soul, and the Purpose of the Soul, returning to God’s Plan.

It is time that men reflect on What The Father gave them, and that men remember to not stop at reflection, but to use their time to follow what He taught in His Teaching, to cherish what He gave, and is still giving, and to Honor Who He Is, because He Is God The Creator.

Men of all races, all colors, all creeds, must understand that they cannot waste this Great Gift of Love, or destroy It, because of men who are trying to change men’s thinking into a twisted, unreliable, insignificant, vile way of honoring The Father of All Mankind.

This Great Miracle Of Saint Joseph has been given to the world to re-establish what men have torn down through their allowing the blasphemies, the sacrileges, the wrong interpretation and mistranslation of important issues and important documents.

Men do not realize, nor do they want to realize, nor do they want to stir the waters, because if they do, they will have to find a rock to stand on that they know is strong enough to hold them.  They say to close friends, ‘It is only self-preservation.’ They do not think about preserving Holy Mother Church.

It is time, the time is now, the nonsense must stop! And the reality of what is Truth, what is God’s, must return to stability in men’s minds, actions and protection.”

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