ON MAY 8, 1980


“What is socially accepted as an ordinary action would be accepted as modest, but in reality would be very immodest, such as open restroom facilities, open shower rooms, some hot tubs, some saunas, and like facilities with the emphasis on immodesty.

Emotionally, how much immodesty could you handle without having it cause you to sin against God?

The thin line between modesty and immodesty can determine the decision for purity or impurities in thought, word, action and deed.

Immodesty is oftentimes the foundation for grave sins against God.

Immodesty taken lightly can become a habit and this habit is a serious neglect to sound reasoning and can cause a chain reaction of impurities that can be boundless.

Immodesty is not just a whim, it provokes a distracting action.

Modesty is closely associated with our thinking, our behavior, our habits, our actions, our association with other people, our social life, and our example to others; also, how we affect the environment we take part in.

Immodesty belongs to the demons, for it oftentimes is a provocative measure to cause insecurity, impurity, indecency, indifference, and sinful action.


Do not dismiss from your mind the importance of modesty of your mind, your body, or your actions, for though it is something that is not thought about in such a serious vein, it is quite serious for the good of your Soul.”

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