ON MAY 12, 1980


“What has made your Faith dwindle?

What has made you less active in prayer?

What has created a lack in you where your Faith in God is concerned?

What are the obvious changes in the Church?

What hope do you see for your Faith, and Church?

Have you asked yourself, ‘Are my acts of charity fewer now, and why?’

Have all the changes increased your Faith in Holy Mother Church, and especially in God?

Since the changes in Holy Mother Church, is your Faith stable in its dependence upon the men in Holy Mother Church?

Do you still feel on Sunday morning a sincere desire to fulfill your obligation of going to Holy Mass?

Do you feel that when you arrive at Mass you will leave instructed in your Faith and closer to God?

If things are so right and so full of encouragement in Holy Mother Church, then why is there such a lack of security in all areas of Holy Mother Church?

The stability of ceremony, attitude and surroundings in Holy Mother Church has diminished to such a degree that the emptiness in the surroundings, the hypocritical, sarcastic attitude, and the disruption in organized ceremony, makes sincere prayer almost impossible.  The confused state of relationship with the clergy and the layman is cold, indifferent, depressing, unhappy, and does not encourage Faith in God in its rightful state which should be peaceful, childlike, endearing and fulfilling.

THEN — drastic change is necessary, and it is evident it must begin and generate from the faithful laymen who are not restricted by Institutional Authority.”

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