ON MAY 12, 1980


“Our calendar reads months, weeks, days.  We know there are 24 hours in each of these days, and there are 1440 minutes in each day.  We are not only limited by the amount of time in each day to do all the things that cross our minds and our paths, but we are limited in only being able to be in one place at one time; plus, we have limitations in our actions, because of our health conditions, our capabilities, our environment, our families, our degree of talents, our mental capacities, and we must also eat, sleep, perform certain chores that are necessary in our living environment, take time for social obligations or social amenities, plus earning the monetary measures to support our needs.

We have obligations, responsibilities and personal habits that take time in the limited amount of hours during every one of our days.  We rarely think of ourselves in such a limited vein; but, in reality, we must use the 1440 minutes allowed us in each day to do a numerous amount of necessary things that are not just beneficial to our way of life, but necessary in many areas of our life.  For this reason, we must see every day we live as a time in which and with which we must use every moment to its fullest, and add to all these things how we must express our Faith in God, and also, use this time to not only support our Faith in God, but to integrate all we are, all we think, all we do, using this way of life to keep God present in every moment of our day.

One of the ways is to learn to put God in our first thoughts when we awaken in the morning, to speak to Him before we speak to anyone else, to offer to Him the day, so that everything we do, everything we say, everything we take part in, will automatically bear His Presence, and keep us aware of His Greatness, His Love, His Mercy, His Justice, His Charity, in our relationship with Him.  No moment of the day should be lived without awareness of Him, the part He plays in every breath we take, every act we perform, and every thought we have.

It is so necessary for everyone ever born to the world to express Faith in God, in each breath, every moment of the day.  This does not mean a big dramatization of overpowering conversation, shouting His Name, but Faith in God, belief in Him, love for God, can become such an innate part of our being that it is expressed in our actions, our charity, our example, in our moral values and our moral standards.  Faith in God is the most important Gift of Love given to the physical life of all human beings, for it is through this Faith, the growth of this Faith, the Goal of this Faith, that we will become Saints.

Faith in God can be termed in such a simple form:  living according to His Will, acting with His Will in mind at all times, and desiring to please only Him before anything or anyone else.”

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