ON MAY 12, 1980


“Preoccupation with one’s own intent, intentions, thoughts, or imagination or ideas or dreams, has caused a lethargy among men.  The world offers so much distraction, so much permissiveness, so much indulgence, so much freedom to do one’s own thing without responsibility, that when something is offered that a person instinctively knows will bind them to a responsible action, whether it be good or possibly good, or that will make them commit time, most people immediately reject it without even knowing the fullness of it, what it is all about.

People, in so many ways, are disoriented, they are running in every direction, they are afraid to commit themselves to a steadfast responsibility because they do not want to have to work by rules, nor do they want to persevere in ways that will take away their feeling of freedom of their time.  In reality, this is all ridiculous, because in their running, in their rejection of what is good for them, they are trying everything in the world to satisfy themselves, and they are finding no satisfaction in anything, no sound stable satisfaction in other people, in other things, or in their time that they are guarding so strongly.

They lack respect for soundness, because soundness says personal responsibility, and in so many ways they lack hope, because you can only find hope in something that is solid, strong, firm, and has a lot of meaning.

Preoccupation is rarely a solid structure; it is a structure of the mind alone, and is vulnerable to chance, and also, is oftentimes just escape from reality.

Many people in the world today want only a religion that will give them little responsibility.  They want to choose their manner of Faith in God and they want to be able to abuse it in their own manner, for they feel it is a freedom they are granted and they feel they have the full right to do what they want with it.  They omit totally, the purpose of Faith in God, the reason for Faith in God, the reality of Faith in God, and the ‘Final Tribunal’ in which God, and God alone, is The Judge.”

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