ON MAY 12, 1980


“A term associated with past history is no longer something we can associate only with past history, and that is the word ‘hypocrisy’.  There are several facets to this vile action oftentimes disguised by a facade of justice, concern, mercy, love, personal interest, and even charity.

Hypocrisy has so many disguises.  It is sometimes so elusive that it is ‘too late’ when it is recognized, ‘too late’ to correct, ‘too late’ to undo the wrong the hypocrisy caused, motivated, involved itself in; ‘too late’ to make things right, unless there is a totally new beginning, and that is the time in which we live now.

Because of so much hypocrisy in so many of the men in Holy Mother Church, we live now in a time when the layman who has the Faith to believe in what God really instructed in the beginning to form this Great Church, must see this as the foundation for ‘re-establishing Holy Mother Church’.

Hypocrisy comes in so many forms.  We are the victims of much hypocrisy.  This stems from some Church Authority, obedience to their authority, not questioning the wrong, the improper, the undignified; not questioning the goals or the standards for which this hypocrisy was established; not being strong enough to question the authority when the authority was obviously wrong in leadership, in responsibility, in relationship to the Souls of the faithful.

Ask yourself:  What is a hypocrite?  Have you ever been hypocritical in your association with others?  Have you ever thought of hypocrisy in your Faith, in your dealings with God?  Have you ever thought that hypocrisy was a manner which you were being taught?”

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