ON MAY 13, 1980


“Irritants in the air cause so much distress, even severe illness, and on some occasions, even death.

What damage does an irritating atmosphere cause in a home, in a business, in a social gathering, or any atmosphere where people are gathered, due to selfish natures, egotistical personalities, an ugly mood, or moodiness, self-love, depression because of personal problems, arrogance, insensitivity, biased opinions, crude speaking, unjust criticism, lack of respect, and of course, numerous amounts of other irritants showing a lack of self-control, a lack of self-discipline, and a lack of self-respect?

Irritants come in many forms, and yet people buy books to read on how they can become successful in business, in social life, and most times, these books generate the emphasis on self-esteem, self, self, self, which can become an irritant if it is not handled correctly.

Men speak of peace, and they wish each other peace, and the very same man or woman can be a tremendous irritant to family and to society.  They do not hear what they themselves said.  No age is without an irritating behavior, and even the very young know when they are being irritating.

A Retreat is a good time for everyone who makes the Retreat to stop long enough to think about how one affects others’ lives.  It is one of the reasons why Retreats are so good for the mind, the body and the Soul.  It is a time when we can all take a full look at our attitude, our response to others, our behavior patterns, and habits.

Make this Retreat a time to look at where you are going, what you can change to become a better person, and how much more you can do to grow in Grace for the good of your Soul.”

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