ON MAY 13, 1980


“People rarely think of themselves as gullible.  They will call it many other names, but the word ‘gullible’ doesn’t seem to fit their acceptance of so many so-called bargains, so-called opportunities, so-called real good deals, so-called great ideas, so-called a way to a happier life, so-called being in the know.

No matter what passes before them, they want to be a part of it, they want to be able to say they know about it.  Is this just inquisitiveness, or is this a weakness in nature and personality, or is it downright gullibility?

How gullible are you?  Do you respond to all invitations directed at you to gain your attention through the advertisement media or through the entertainment media?  Do you always feel that what you hear you would like to be involved with, or informed on, even when it obviously has a tremendous immoral, suggestive appeal?

Many times the most practical people are the most gullible when they are attracted by risqué words encouraging them to see something that they themselves know is indecent, impure, and could be sinful for them.

Gullibility sometimes runs neck and neck with ego, immaturity, and unsound immoral values, and unsound immoral standards.  Gullibility can be provoked by one’s own desire to lean on what others conjure up as exciting entertainment.

The devil radiates in all the immoral gestures of advertising and the entertainment media, plus of course, many other areas in life that bring people together, either in thought or in the company of each other.

There has been a great demand for people to respond to vulgar, vile, immoral fields of social and entertaining ventures, the emphasis always on degrading the human being, and stripping the human being of decency, exposing only a trite situation that teeters on the brink of depressing, depraved, immoral situations.  There can be no true, real enjoyment in such a situation.  There is nothing in it that lifts the mind to higher thinking or sound action.  More of this is being generated in every field, in every phase, and in every corner that men can enter.

There is one way to counteract this, to stomp it out, and that is to not partake in it, not be a party to it, and not condone it.  Look for higher means of entertainment.  Look for a more beneficial, social venture.  It is necessary for all people to not just reject this foulness, but to resent it, and show the resentment by not supporting it.”

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