ON MAY 13, 1980


“Holy Mother Church is truly a Gift of Love from God for the good of my Soul, for in this Church, His Teaching, His Direction, His Goal for me is clearly shown in so many ways.  In fact, there can be no doubt that my Faith, under His Guidance through Holy Mother Church, is a Gift of His Divine Love.  He so obviously made Holy Mother Church, from the very beginning, a way of life and a means of hope, through which, by which and from which, sound values, sound standards, sound doctrines were established.  This is most certainly the feeling of all Roman Catholics.  How can a man or woman be a Roman Catholic and not know with every fiber of their body that this is truly the Church established and instituted by God Himself for the good of mankind?

Holy Mother Church, through hundreds of years, weathered many storms, in-house, and from outside forces, and there is no doubt that the present battle will prove the greatness, the beauty, the strength, and the truth that Holy Mother Church truly is.

Holy Mother Church has been known as the strongest force of Faith in the whole world.  Its strength projected throughout the world, and its stability, in so many ways, gave strength politically, socially, academically and clerically, to the whole world.

Holy Mother Church must be fought for, and must be seen once again as a special deliverance of God to mankind that stands in dignity, honor, integrity and truth.  It is up to those who have the Faith to believe in all these things, to fight a fight of honor on the battlefield of good and evil, and with the goal in mind that only can come from God, and that is victory for the faithful who stand by, and stand for, what Holy Mother Church truly means to mankind and the whole world.”

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