ON MAY 15, 1980


“Don’t let your Faith become dormant.  Keep it alive and active.  Faith in action gives strength, hope and stability to the mental and physical life.  It generates a healthy attitude and motivates enthusiasm for charitable action toward others, plus, it stabilizes the emotions and constantly alerts the senses to dangers.

A Faith in God that is active encourages more Faith, because in the activity that surrounds Faith in God, there is always wonderment in how much He truly loves man, and the more Faith we generate, the more awe we have for our own Soul.

Faith conquers fear.  Faith conquers dilemma.  Faith conquers depression.  Faith conquers all the things that we are involved in that bear question as to their soundness.

Faith is a good balancer for our values, our standards, because in relying upon our Faith in God, we automatically know that His Will for us would be the pure act and not an impure intention or act.

Faith is a Gift we should cherish and insure, but never allow to be dormant, for then it has nothing to make it grow to enable our Soul to gain Sainthood.

Faith is not just a word, it is a way of life.  Faith in God is not just a way of life, it is a reason for life.”

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