ON AUGUST 1, 1980


“It is very difficult for men to realize that many times their actions, their words, their opinions are imitated by those they meet, those they live with, those they work with, and sometimes, even those they are only socially associated with.

People forget that they have a great responsibility when they project their personality.  It is obvious in the entertainment world that imitation is carried on down through many stages of comedy, drama and music.  Children imitate each other, their parents, their friends, and everything they see, also clothing, social activities, vocations, habits, and even Spiritual endeavors.

Today, what example did you leave with others for them to imitate that would be good for them, help them to grow in better ways?  Was it good example?  Was it shoddy, shady, impure?  Was it careless, indifferent, insincere?  Was it flip, undignified, unwholesome?  Was it permissive, promiscuous, callous?  Was it cunning, sympathetic, compassionate?  Was it dignified, interested, constructive?  Was it conducive to their betterment spiritually?

Our lives are so full of example to all people we meet, that if we could learn to remember we are example every moment of our lives, and that our example is cause for others to imitate our good and bad traits, what our personality extends to others, what our nature helps others to feel, to see and to know, also what our Spiritual beliefs reflect in our behavior, our morals, our values, our standards.  It is not that much for us to remember.  We should live it and it will become so natural that we will not have to think about it, just enjoy being good example for others to imitate, and for others to grow to fulfillment through the example they imitate in us.”

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