ON AUGUST 1, 1980


“There is a devil.  Every time anyone commits a sin, it pleases him.  His hate for man, his hate for God, his jealousy of God, his jealousy of man, is indescribable.  His greatest enemy is the Ten Commandments, for when These are upheld by man, it means that fewer sins are being committed against God.

It is important to understand the hate of satan for anything good.  It is important to realize that pure thoughts, pure actions, pure deeds, are God’s Will for man, from man, through man, in man, for nothing can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless it is pure.

Satan encourages scandal, gossip, lust, gluttony, anger, hate, usually through the means of selfishness, ego, sensuality, permissiveness, promiscuity, immorality, any impure thought, word, action or deed.

The Ten Commandments must be seen for what They are:  Guidelines, Rules, Commands, Demands of God, from God, for man to strengthen any weakness, and turn all things within man or reflecting from man, to doing only God’s Will.

Demons are real.  Never underestimate a demonic interference in your life, for the demons are associated with satan.  As there is good and bad in man, we must always remember Heaven is All Good, Hell is all bad.  We must put our sights on Heaven and never permit ourselves to be the pawns of satan.

Remember, God’s Justice is our strength, and when we make every effort to reach for purity, God will intercede for us when the demons or satan interfere.  We must always lean on God and turn to Him for all help.”

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