ON AUGUST 6, 1980


“Men thirst for knowledge.  Men hunger for a closeness to God, yet men do not always take advantage of the opportunity to learn what is available, and many times do not utilize to the fullest, the Faith they have been endowed with to grow in a manner God wants each of them.

Men become lethargic when they do not see signs of growth.  A wise man instinctively knows that Spiritual growth is based on a sincere desire to want to grow in the warmth that beginning to know God a little more brings.  Many times a man feels cold spiritually, and suddenly one day a spark of warmth in God’s direction seems to light a fire of such intensity that even the word ‘God’ gives peace and tranquillity to every thought, word, act and deed, when it is done with Him in mind.

Many men never open the door to Spiritual growth.  They analyze and even spiritualize themselves out of the in-depth peace and tranquillity that comes with a particular sensation of a closeness to God that they never want to end.

Many times men shout ‘Christianity’, but to them it is a belief in God that they must uphold in their words and in their demonstration to others, but what they have is void of sincere feeling for Him.  It is an action based on what others feel, what others are telling them.

There is another type of Spiritual action and that is when people think that sound spirituality is based on emotionalism, giving vent to all emotional cycles of life, shouting, screaming, demonstration, false cures.

Let’s look at spirituality with the intent of reaching Holiness.  This must be based on self-discipline, self-control, obedience to God’s Ten Commandments, awareness of what example each moment is to others, and sound charity with no blemish of personal selfishness in it.

When we experience a loss of a loved one, or the possibility of the loss of a loved one, or some terrible accident to one we love, our physical screams out, ‘Make it stop!’ Our mental cannot bear the stress of this pain.  Our sincerity for human life, for human hope, is to have all things good, with no anticipation of facing harm in any way.

We were created in the Image and Likeness of God.  If we must endure such stress at times in our lives, what a terrible thing it must be to God to endure our blasphemies, our sacrileges, our impurities, our disfiguring truths, dismembering the Beauty of our Soul.  We must constantly be reminded and be mindful of the parallel of our feelings towards our body and our mind to what God must and does feel when our Soul becomes tarnished because of our irrational, irresponsible, selfish, immoral actions, through our lack of self-discipline and self-control.

This is most certainly food for thought, but also, it must be seen as a basis, as a foundation, as a means and a manner, for each man who ever reads These Words, to begin to improve in all ways for the good of his own Soul.”

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