ON AUGUST 6, 1980


“Being a man in the sense of gender gives this way of life a particular code of ethics.  It says protector, provider, son, father.  These are specifics that go with being a man.

There are many responsibilities in being a man.  One is to be a leader for what is good, what is proper, what is right, what is sound.  Being a man also says striving for a specific vocation to be used to carry out specific responsibilities as a man.  It does not say that weakness is not allowed, or that immoralities are expected.  By no means does it infer in any way that being a man says ‘anything goes’.  On the contrary, this is a very important role.

When we speak of God The Father, we automatically put Him in a Man’s Form.  When we speak of God The Son, we think of Him as Man in a Human Form, but with Divine Origin.  When we speak of The Holy Ghost, we do not put The Holy Ghost in a feminine gender, nor do we just phantomize that The Holy Ghost is merely a Dove.  The Strength of The Holy Ghost, the Performance of The Holy Ghost bespeaks a more masculine gender, and of course, we have since learned that The Beloved Saint Joseph is The Holy Ghost, and came to the earth in the masculine gender.

As men in the world, it would be wise to recognize the Total Example God has given to man.  In the reflection of all this Example, He has prepared man for the battle of life with the qualities of a warrior for Him, and of course, with the Example so easily understandable from God Himself, of God Himself, by God Himself.  To be a man is a privilege.  To be a man of honor is a necessity; to be a man of integrity, a way of life.

Men should look at what a Great Gift God has allowed man in the mere birth of man, in the creativity and purpose God endowed men with.  Be thankful you are a man, and carry the banner of life with dignity so when you return to God, you will be able to say to Him, ‘Through Your Ultimate Love, Your Generosity, Your Charity, I am returning to You, my God, my Soul in purity for All Eternity.’

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