ON AUGUST 6, 1980


“The Soul is not a phantom but reality.  The Soul is a Spirit of God given to each man, woman and child, to be returned to God for All Eternity.

The Soul earns Heaven through the rewards obtained by the results of human behavior, intentions, actions, values, standards, and Spiritual growth.  By nature, men do not like to be subject to other men’s wills, for innately, each man desires to act independently and be the master of his own thoughts, words, actions and deeds.

Each man’s Soul is the victor or victim of man’s will, because of the decisions that are the results of each man’s will.  The Soul is the Most Important Part of each man.  It is the Part that must live forever, either in the Realm of Heaven, in the despair of Purgatory, or in the pits of Hell.

Think before you speak.  Think before you act.  Think before every decision you make, and remember, the Soul you are the custodian of is not a phantom of imagination, but a reality greater than flesh, More Important than anything human that man could fathom in a lifetime.”

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