ON AUGUST 6, 1980


“We shudder at the historical barbarism we read about or that we see in movies, depicting the culture of certain times in History.  The very presence of inhuman brutality makes us cringe with horror for such an episode in human life for anyone to endure.

Paganism has a certain amount of barbarism in it.  It, too, closes out reality, spirituality, sensitiveness to the One True God.

Barbarity, paganism, not only occurred in past History, but in our present time there are evidences of these things.  Abortion is a barbaric act.  Incest can be included here.  Child beating, wife beating, husband beating, have their place in this form of life, culture of living.  Inhuman, insensitive, brutal actions against the dignity of a human body are most certainly part of a barbaric nature.  The increase in atrocities, the vileness against other human beings is making History, but also repeating History.

They say, ‘History repeats itself.’ Why can we not perceive in our thoughts, minds and actions, the good times in History, the times when people acted and persevered in spirituality, fighting immoralities, indecencies and sacrileges with a force of solid, sound moral values and sound moral standards?  We must stop making excuses for the immoralities occurring, and stop alibiing for those who act in such defiance against God’s Will for man.

All these things that have been said are true, even though we do not want to admit that things are in such a very bad state.  It is true, also, there are many good people living today, and it will be through these good people that all good, sound, reliable, valiant changes will have to take place.

It is not impossible.  The first step is to get the good people to admit there must be a change.  Secondly, to encourage the good people to change themselves so they are one hundred percent good, sound, stable example.”

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