ON AUGUST 7, 1980


“Do you understand everything you hear, you see, you are involved in, you give your opinion on?  This is an important question to ask yourself.  Or, do you let things pass even when they affect your life, because it takes effort to see them for what they are?

Men read articles, and they believe every word they see.  Men hear news, gossip and opinions, and they believe it all.  The devil depends upon the laziness of man and the indifference of man to research and delve into areas that can infect one’s life with so much obvious available immoral disease or slander, or wrong direction.

Lately, have you taken the time to understand what you will be the victim of where political issues are waving the American Flag, the communistic flag, and the flag of deceit?  It is easy to say, ‘I don’t understand.’ This is what many men depend upon when they speak double talk, confusing issues, making many remarks that are only gestures of political patronization, sometimes done to just hear themselves talk, sometimes to feed others’ egos, and sometimes just for appeal methods and measures.

We cannot remain a lazy, indifferent people.  We must begin to read the full facts and see the full dimension of what is being fed to us.  We must also recognize what is being promoted that will affect our lives, everyone else’s life, and the lives of all the children born to the world.  The children are innocent victims of such devastation.  The children will learn the methods prescribed by these organizations, the control through government positions, the people.

The same thing has happened in Holy Mother Church.  The sheep never questioned the shepherds, and now the shepherds are getting by with wholesale murder of Faith in the faithful.

Confusion has a tremendous effect on the emotions and on the stability of the physical and Spiritual life.  Turn all the confusion you are surrounded by with sound logical knowledge and facts that give strength, stability and dignity to everyday living.”

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