ON AUGUST 8, 1980


“We talk about example, but have you ever thought of what influence you are on other people?  There is a great responsibility in how we influence others through our suggestions, our directions, our actions, our motivations, our habits, and of course, our example.

Many times we influence people with:

our personality


our tidiness

our desires


our cleanliness

our ambitions


our perseverance

our talents


our maturity

our opinions


our vulnerability

our determinations


our status in life

our decisions


our cooperation

the manner in which we dress


our sincerity

the type of vocation we walk in


our dignity

the way we wear our hair


our strength


our interests.

There is no limit to how we influence other people.  There is no definite age that responds to our influence.  Few men realize the importance of only displaying influence that is sound, good, in all ways of life.

Always bear in mind your influence wears a price tag.  Can you afford to be a bad influence?  It is logical that you cannot afford to not be a good influence, for influence shows results faster than example, faster than personal requests of another human being.

How we influence others also reflects in our Soul, for the type of influence we are to others and the degree of influence we are in the world has a definite effect upon the Beauty of our Soul that we must return to God.

Influence is one of the more important facets of our life.  We must never ignore it, dismiss it, or feel it is not important.  Our influence can change the whole course of events in our life, other people’s lives, even world affairs.

Many times people speak of someone being very influential.  This immediately speaks of the person’s important status on particular items in specific organizations, businesses, or financial endeavors.

Always remember influence, influential, belong in everyone’s life, every day of one’s life, in everything that everyone does.

We do influence; we are influential.”

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