ON AUGUST 8, 1980


“Virtue is the closest thing to Holiness man can acquire.  To become virtuous should be the aim of every man’s life, for virtue is the ultimate step in attaining purity.

Men do not realize the full meaning of virtue in their lives.  To be virtuous takes effort, discipline and self-control, combined with obedience to God’s Ten Commandments.  There is nothing fetish or frivolous, finicky or egotistical about virtue.

Virtue should be strived for, and it should become a way of life not only for someone else, but for each individual man who sees Sainthood as the Goal of life.

Remember one thing:  to be virtuous does not rob you of life, but the very presence of it in your life, through you, makes life fulfilling, and most certainly worth living.

You must also remember that if this was not possible for a man to reach, Our Blessed Mother, The Heavenly Queen, would not expect Her sons to achieve it, but all things She has said in Messages to the world indicate Her Strong Love for Her sons, and Her Expectations of them.”

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