“A Miracle of this Magnitude is one alone in the world.  In Itself, It stands all by Itself.  There is no one or nothing that controls This Miracle except God.  The Miracle has been created by God and given to the world by God.

If you were to compare The Miracle Of Saint Joseph with human imagination, human drive, human motivation, if you looked at It realistically, you would see that imagination, motivation, could only exist to a degree.

If a man wants to be a doctor, he must study, because desire only brings him so far.  He must study, he must work at it, and he must see it in the true value it is.  If a man wants to become an accountant he has to like figures, but the figures do not take care of themselves.  If he’s running a computer, he has to know if the computer is correct.  He has to be wise enough and knowledgeable enough to see that the computer is doing its job.

If a man were to write stories, the man would think of a subject, but a subject, as you all know, would soon become dry, because the subject could last just so long, whether it was a subject he was very knowledgeable on or not.  The feeling for the subject would last just so long.  If there was a lot of imagination involved in the subject, there would be such dry periods, there would be such periods wherein the subject would become almost morbid.

When something is given to the world by God, there are no dry periods in it, for the intention it was given.  Exhaustion, yes, but the Material that is God’s, the world has been given for thirteen years, and the Material that is Direction from God is constant and consistent.  Now, if the whole world says it could be done by man, the whole world would be unrealistic, and I cannot see intelligent men accepting such a ridiculous, stupid statement.  Imagination carries a man so far.  Then he must have creativity with the imagination, or knowledge to carry the imagination through.

When an artist works, he cannot work totally with imagination.  He must have a talent to put the imagination down.  So, there is a combination of things that takes place when man is in control of what a certain thing is.

In True Mysticism the Controlling Factor is always God.  The submission of the will is obedience to the Will of God.  This is totally different than one using one’s own opinion, one’s own imagination, one’s own drive, one’s own desire, because True Mysticism is never for the True Mystic.  True Mysticism is always for others, always for the benefit of Souls, always for the benefit of a Great Purpose by God.

If God were to come and stand in the room physically, some could not stand the Power.  God is in the room physically, but in a degree that our physical can handle.  It is not your imagination when you say, ‘God is everywhere.’ It is not a fact that you were told this, so you repeat it.  God is everywhere.

The question is very serious, when men say, ‘How can God be present where there is sin?’ It is the will and the weakness of man that allows the sin, but it is the Presence of God that keeps the life in the man evident.  So God is always present.  And if you think about God being present when you sin, you may sin less, because it would be a terrible thing to be truly aware of God’s Presence and then commit a sin, because He is All Purity, He is All Beauty.  Our Heavenly Mother is ever present when we sin, because She is That Portion of God.

I know that we are not learning it through other means now, these things, and that is why God gave us The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  And that is why God has allowed so Many Saints to come to the earth to give what men will accept, to give more than what men can accept, and to give It to such degree that men could listen and learn endlessly.  Through The Miracle, in thirteen years, God did not just give five Lessons, but God has been repetitive in Everything He has given of Importance, through time.

Men say, ‘I really don’t sin that much anymore.’ Are you being honest with yourself or are you deciding what will make you feel more comfortable with yourself?  Men sin, women sin and children sin, but because the world is so lax in what is important to man’s Soul, men do not consider impurities sins.  What they consider these things now are part of the system of life, what is occurring, and it is necessary to partake in it.  Men have made it a very easy way for themselves.

Now, the Light of Heaven is through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  No man can deny it.  I cannot deny it.  And God has given many Lessons through this Great Light of Hope.  Saint Joseph is the Light of Heaven.  Saint Joseph is the Wind of Heaven, and the Wind of Heaven is the Power of God.  When you and I observe wind, we sometimes enjoy the wind very, very much because it creates a better atmosphere.  The Wind of Heaven also creates a better atmosphere because It is the Power of God existing in our midst.

Everything that God is, we have been given a touch of.  God is Wind.  We have wind.  God is Heat.  We have heat.  God is Cold.  We have cold.  God is Beauty.  We enjoy beauty.  God is Color.  We have much color.  God is Hope.  We have hope.  God is Desire.  We have desire.

God Is All Things, and God has given us a touch of All He Is.  God has given us creativity.  God has given us hearing.  God has given us sight.  He, too, has these things, and as He made us to His Image and Likeness, we have a touch of what God is.  He surrounds us every day.  He protects us every day.  He enjoys us every day.  He is hurt by us every day.  He tries to teach us so we will better know what He expects of us.  We sometimes ignore these things.  We sometimes become so complacent that we do not see the value of things.  Sometimes we become so smug, we ignore the value.

My children, as The Heavenly Mother, I speak firmly to each of you and I say: ‘The Lessons you have been given have been given on the Light and the Winds of His Way.  My Light in Heaven is with His.  My Love in Heaven, with His.  My Desire in Heaven, His Desire.  My Hope in Heaven, His Hope.’

As We are in the Heavens and you are upon the earth, We come through This Miracle to give you a chance to better understand the meaning of Love, and yes, Hopefulness.

I have come many times to you, My sons.  I have spoken in many ways.  I have delivered Direction many times, and I have heard you say: ‘I know that The Blessed Mother was talking directly to me.  I felt it.  I felt Her Presence.’

I say to you on this night, My sons, ‘I am present in every way.’ I speak through a woman and I say, ‘Be pure, think purity, and be aware that when you sin We are present, for We would not leave you alone at any time, for the Soul you have is Ours and We want It to return to Us purely.’

Be aware of the Light.  Be aware of the Truth.  Be aware of the Realism that I spoke to you.  Be aware of the Lessons, My sons.  Do not ignore any One, and when you better understand the Beauty of your Soul, you will one day say, ‘If I had but truly listened, dear God, I would have bent lower to pray.’

So you are given the chance, My sons, to recognize purity for what it is, honesty for what it is, for the Rays of My Light touch each of you.  Do not reject These Rays for These Rays come to you to give you the strength to stand up against all odds, for the Soul that you are the custodian of must return to Us one day.

Do not scoff at These Words.  Do not allow Them to pass away.  Hold Them dear, and be sure that tomorrow will be a very special day.  It is up to you to make it that way, for if you will but remember the Light that I arrived upon, the Rays of Hope I touched you with, and the Wind of God’s Love surrounding you, will help you to truly live.

I am truly your Blessed Mother.  I am truly The Heavenly Queen.  I am truly The One Who walked the earth.  I am The Tabernacle of Hope.  I am not a dream.  I am as real as you, more than you, and I want you to know that My Light is Hope for the whole world.

You are blessed, My sons, in so many ways.  Have courage, be strong, for any obstacles that come in the way of your Soul, remember:  We are present every moment of every day and every night, and We see every act you begin, every act you perform, and every act that you have begun.  So be it.”

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