“One of the first things we learn is responsibility.  As soon as we can handle the art of feeding ourselves, we not only have a need that must be fulfilled, but it is innate in us to seek food and bear the responsibility of feeding ourselves.

Responsibility moves on to more personal care, and then responsibility shows itself in our ability to learn about many things.  Responsibility does not end here.  Soon we become responsible to other people, for other people, and then to totally care for our own well-being, our livelihood, our place in the world.

Along with this responsibility, we are taught, we are told, and we are shown, that our responsibility extends beyond our physical nature, personality, environment, intellect.  It involves our Soul.  The responsibility we have for our own Soul is the greatest responsibility we have.

There are many facets to this responsibility, many determinations to be made regarding the state of our Soul.  The basic fundamental foundation that our Soul depends upon is our love for God, our Faith in God, our desire to return to God what is rightfully His, ‘our Soul’.

Our Soul is more than we know It to be.  It is God’s continuous, constant communion with every human being.  Our Soul reflects our thoughts, our actions, our deeds, our hopes, our dreams, our goals.  Our Souls can be the ‘victims’ of our moral values, moral standards, or the ‘victors’ because of our sound moral values and our sound moral standards.

This Gift from God, our Soul, is the Greatest Treasure any man has.  If we do not believe this, what are we striving for, what are we living for, for human satisfaction is short-lived.  It only amounts to moments at a time wherein, when we truly see the Goodness of God, the Charity of God, the Love of God enclosed in our whole being, we see the Magnitude of our Soul, the Treasure It is, for it is through our Soul we can return to God for All Eternity.

No act is too small that we perform, no act is too minute that reflects our desire to please God above all things.  No little word we say, no little thought we have is too small for His Ears to hear, His Eyes to see, His Love to behold, His Beauty to enfold.

When we think of our responsibility, we must not look at it as being more than we can handle, for it is not.  Our responsibility is made up of many little things comprising everything we are, everything we feel, everything we hope, everything we want, everything we do, and all the little goals we set for ourselves in everyday living, in everyday actions, thoughts, words, and deeds.  The ‘little way to Heaven’ is the surest way to Heaven, for it does not eliminate any of us, and it allows each of us to have hope in one day becoming a Saint.

It is sad when anyone acts or feels left out of the advantage of one day becoming a Saint.  This is ridiculous, and in its very existence says to God, ‘You weren’t smart enough to see I was incapable of so many things.’ Remember, God knows all things.  God understands all things.  God has given every child born to the world The Rules to live by, plus an innate knowledge, intellect and conscience, showing right from wrong, truth from untruth, balance from imbalance, purity from impurity, pure desire from disgraceful desire, need from gluttony, purity from lust.  Wisdom is not always for others; it is for everyone.  Basically, wisdom is sound logic, common sense, putting God first above all things, recognizing sound values, sound standards, and sound morals.

It is not impossible to become a Saint.  It is possible.  God never hands more than a man, a woman or a child can handle, can endure, can use, to become a Saint.”

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